maandag 20 december 2010


A timeline of my desk, a timeline of what a mess I make when I work for school, when I get frustrated because there's too much clutter around me, but I'm too messy to organise it all. Just an idea, nothing fancy.


Did you ever notice how people tend to be in their own space? In other words, in their own imaginary room. I do that too, when I'm reading something, or eating, or listening to music. People have to get their own space in public, you have to be able to shut yourself out.

source: google

woensdag 17 november 2010


Dutch photographer Teun Hocks made an interesting photo serie. He painted backgrounds, in a rather realistic way, and created scenes, and after that he photographed himself. He created these rather original scenes, that have a bit in common with the works of Magritte.



After a briefing with the teacher, two subjects came out as "being interesting".
  1. Imaginative rooms (example: benches in the parc, etc...)
  2. Timeline which I explained here. Rather interesting subject, right?
Now is the good time to explore a bit more in these two subjects.

maandag 15 november 2010


A very interesting work by sculptor Ivan Prieto. He made these sculptures and made compositions with them in abandoned rooms. Urbex meets Fine Arts, very nice concept!



Justin Stewart made a temporary installation called Untied. It's constructed of three miles of blue thread, lead fishing weights and frames made of metal and wood. These threads hang delicately, with only the weight of the lead spheres holding them in place.

A fine arts piece, an accidental room. This is one of my favourite projects in the Fine Arts world (and that's a big world).

source: www.mnartist.corg


Ambi Pur made a creative ad for their Pink Flowers Room Spray in 2008 with the headline "Flower Powere your Room". A very creative and fresh image.