woensdag 3 november 2010


The difficulty now is to choose a certain subject for this project. It's all about rooms. Lately I've been thinking about this project, just thinking. Rooms. I don't consider rooms as a space with four walls, not really. A room is a space, no matter how many walls. I mean, who said there have to be walls? Basically the world is a big room.

The earth is a room in a big house called Space. And I guess Space is a room in infinity, or something.

Rooms are made by people. If I see an empty bus stop, it's just a bus stop. But whenever people arrive at the bus stop, doing their thing, I see a room. A room has to have people. Yesterday, I saw an old man on a bench eating his lunch. Just eating and drinking, looking around. He made that bench into a room, a space where he can do his thing.

So on to my ideas on subjects. Today I was wondering if drifters, homeless people, tramps and all those people that don't have real homes consider the world as a room. They always pick out a spot on the street, making themselves comfortable (as much as they can) and just sit there. So that's subject #1: homeless.

But then, later on today, I drove by the cemetery and started thinking about coffins. Those are rooms too, subject #2: coffins. There is no real action in a coffin (at least, we hope so). But it's an interesting subject, death. What happens in a coffin? Who lies in the coffin? Just the whole process of death. What comes after? All these typical questions are asked too much, but to this day, they're still unanswered and pretty interesting.

And then, the first idea that popped into my mind when the project was explained subject #3: public spaces. This relates a bit to the old man I typed about earlier in this post. Public spaces can be rooms when people arrive: benches, bus stops, trains, etc...

And then I have another idea: subject #4: restaurants, pubs, etc. Basically I like the idea of playing around with the images of places like this. People eat here, they do stuff. You can be there alone, or you can be there with family/friends. Basically, what do people do?
Well, I guess I just have to use my imagination for this project. And the good advice of our teacher, let's introduce my three ideas, shall we?

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